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Based out of  Paris, France

We enhance your technical team’s capacity to overcome current and upcoming obstacles.

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Artificial Intelligence

Democratizing Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Real-Time Machine Learning We work on...

Business Intelligence

Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that simplifies data analytics and visualiz...

Python & Web APIs

Our company specializes in API integration using Python, Django and FastAPI. Objectives By lev...

Facebook CAPI

The Facebook Conversion API (formerly known as the Server-Side API) allows businesses to send use...

Pixel/Tracking APIs

Pixel tracking involves placing small snippets of code, known as pixels, on websites or landing p...

React & NextJS

React is a popular JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. Next.js is a framework b...

High Technical Standards logo

High Technical Standards

We set uncompromising expectations of security, performance, and maintainability.
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Pragmatic Solutions

Building robust systems, with proper data models, separation of concerns, and well-defined APIs.
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Focus on team

Improving skills of everyone involved, both individually and as a team, thus helping in the long-term success of your company